San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo Vigneti delle Dolomiti Igt


The San Lorenzo vine (Saint Laurent) wine came to Trentino from nearby Austria in the first half of the 19th century. In those days, like now, red grapes did not always ripen fully in the mountains. The San Lorenzo, with its grapes that ripen early, neatly solved this problem: at low altitudes it was (and is) harvested by the end of August, while higher up it is harvested a short time later. Its name comes from Saint Laurent whose saint’s day is 10th August, the night of falling stars, by which date the grapes are already beginning to darken. It was grown in particular in the areas around Civezzano, Pergine Valsugana, Levico, Albiano, Meano and the higher areas of Valle di Cembra. The vineyards of the Cantine Monfort are in the Valsugana, near Civezzano, at 450 metres a.s.l..
This wine is part of the “Vini dell’Angelo” project in Trentino to revive old varieties of vine which run the risk of dying out, more specifically it is part of the “Primi Vini” project for grapes that ripen early, enabling the wine to be put on the market earlier.
The San Lorenzo variety probably originated in France; however it is no longer cultivated there today.


Tasting notes
Colour: intense red, velvety.
Bouquet: distinctively fruity, subtle, red fruit.
Palate: dry, pleasantly fresh, subtle.


Food matching
Light and delicate dishes. The freshness and aroma can be best appreciated when the wine is still young.