Monfort Brut

Monfort Brut Trento Doc


This classic spumante (sparkling wine) is produced according to the code traditional methods in which fermentation takes place in the bottle. It is produced with Chardonnay grapes from the hilly slopes of Trento and Pergine Valsugana, situated at heights ranging from 400 to 600 metres a.s.l..



Bouquet: sharp, intense, fruity.
Palate: dry, full, fragrant, harmonious, well-balanced.
Perlage: fine and persistent.


Accostamenti gastronomici

Monfort Brut Trento Doc considered a sparkling wine for all dishes. It is a classic wine for special occasions, to begin a party or to celebrate, to toast with friends, accompanied by mouth watering appetizers, followed by the pouring of the drinks.